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This page will be a work in progress, if you email a question & I feel it is relevant I will add it to the list.

Question  How big of an extrusion can I make?

Answer  The inside of the barrel is 3-3/4" square so keep this size in mind.  However, hollow dies need room for bridge hardware as well.  For example, I can make you a round tube die up to 3" in diameter or one for square tubes 2-3/4" across.  It all depends on how much room there is out side of the shape for locating the bridge holes.


Question  What's it made out of?  Will it rust or discolour the clay I use?

Answer  The Extruder is built from mild steel so it is quite strong. Outside is painted & inside of the barrel is bare metal, ( paint would wear off with use and contaminate the clay ). As long as you don't plan on extruding white porcelain you will be all right.  You will have to remove the clay from the barrel when you are finished for the day, this is quite easy actually, whatever is left inside will usually fall out in one big lump.  A light coat of WD40 to the inside of the barrel will keep rust at bay and make cleaning easy next time you use it.


Question What are the dies made out of?

Answer All our dies are machined from HDPE Plastic. HDPE is a dense slippery plastic that has excellent wear properties